Beginners Crash Course

Lesson #4
Cut Crease
Cut Crease

This look can be found on fashion runways almost every season. Here are 6 easy steps to creating a wearable version of this high fashion look.

What's it all about?
The fact that you’re a makeup newbie doesn’t mean you should look like one.
We’ve put together 5 easy lessons to give you a whole new tool box for looking your best, with every lesson building on top of the previous lessons. 
After these 5 lessons you’ll feel – and look – like a pro!

Cut Crease
Step 1:

Apply a coat of solid foundation to your eyelids, to act as a primer. With a soft eye pencil, draw a line directly onto your natural crease. Give your line a small flick on the outer edge, similar to the one that you would draw when creating a cat eyeliner.

Cut Crease
Step 2:

With a small blending brush & a small amount of eye shadow, begin blending the line you just created upwards. The creamy foundation should make blending very easy. Make sure to keep the bottom part of the line sharp & non-blended. On the area below your line, tap a light eye shadow to set the foundation.

Cut Crease
Step 3:

With the same pencil, draw a line on your bottom lash line, this time creating a small flick that goes out and down.

Cut Crease
Step 4:

Blend the bottom line well using a pencil brush. You can add a bit of eye shadow while blending, to set the pencil and create a long lasting effect.

Cut Crease
Step 5:

With a white or cream color pencil, line your bottom waterline. This will make your eyes seem larger and rounder.

Cut Crease
Step 6:

Tap a white/cream color eye shadow onto your brow bone to define the brow shape. Apply 2 coats of black mascara to finish off this look.