Beginners Crash Course

Lesson #5
Dressy Day Look
Dressy Day Look

This makeup look is perfect for those days when you feel like you need a little glam, but still want to keep it simple for work or school. This will also work great as a toned down evening makeup, for a first date or a night at the movies!

What's it all about?
The fact that you’re a makeup newbie doesn’t mean you should look like one.
We’ve put together 5 easy lessons to give you a whole new tool box for looking your best, with every lesson building on top of the previous lessons. 
After these 5 lessons you’ll feel – and look – like a pro!

Dressy Day Look
Step 1:

Prime your eyelids to prevent this makeup from creasing throughout the day. Tap a shimmery neutral color on your lid up to the crease, and a pearl/white shimmery color on your brow bone. Blend the two colors together at the crease.

Dressy Day Look
Step 2:

Using a soft blending brush, add some black eye shadow onto your crease and blend well. This should mimic the natural shadow of your crease & look pretty natural; you can replace the black eye shadow with a deep brown or purple color.

Dressy Day Look
Step 3:

With a soft brown pencil, create a Cat Eyeliner across your upper lid.

Dressy Day Look
Step 4:

Line your bottom lash line with a black pencil.

Dressy Day Look
Step 5:

Using a pencil brush and a small amount of deep blue eye shadow, smudge the black pencil all across the bottom waterline to create a Smokey eyeliner.

Dressy Day Look
Step 6:

Finish off with 2 coats of your favorite mascara.