Beginners Crash Course

Lesson #2
Smokey Cat Eye
Smokey Cat Eye
This makeup look is timeless & very chic. It elongates the eyes and delivers a sexy and defined look. The Smokey technique makes this a super easy way to create a beautiful effect; you don't have to be precise or experienced to pull this off.

What's it all about?
The fact that you’re a makeup newbie doesn’t mean you should look like one.
We’ve put together 5 easy lessons to give you a whole new tool box for looking your best, with every lesson building on top of the previous lessons. 
After these 5 lessons you’ll feel – and look – like a pro!

Smokey Cat Eye
Step 1:
Create a Cat Eyeliner using a soft eye pencil (any dark color will work great). Click here to see how it's done: Cat Eyeliner - lesson #1

Smokey Cat Eye
Step 2:
Using a small brush with dense, short hair (called a "pencil brush" or "precision eye brush") begin blending the pencil onto the eyelid, creating a "Smokey" effect. You can dab a small amount of dark eye shadow onto your brush to set the pencil, or slightly alter the color of your makeup.  Make sure the pencil is well blended, maintaining the basic cat eyeliner shape.

Smokey Cat Eye
Step 3:
Using the same pencil used in the first step, line your bottom lash line, making sure to color well between the lower lashes.

Smokey Cat Eye
Step 4:
Use your pencil brush to blend in the pencil on your bottom waterline. This should create a Smokey look on the bottom waterline, mimicking the top line.

Smokey Cat Eye
Step 5:
Coat your lashes with 2-3 layers of black mascara. This looks calls for mega lashes!

Smokey Cat Eye
Step 6:
Using a white or cream shadow, create a highlight on the bottom, outer corner of your eye. This will enhance the cat eye shape and complete your look.