Beginners Crash Course

Lesson #3
Smokey Eye
Smokey Eye
The Smokey eye is, perhaps, the most popular makeup look of all time. It suits everyone, it's super easy to pull off & you can use any color to create a unique smokey eye that's all your own. Remember that "Smokey" is a technique, not a color.

What's it all about?
The fact that you’re a makeup newbie doesn’t mean you should look like one.
We’ve put together 5 easy lessons to give you a whole new tool box for looking your best, with every lesson building on top of the previous lessons. 
After these 5 lessons you’ll feel – and look – like a pro!

Smokey Eye
Step 1:

Prime your eyelid with an eyeshadow primer or wet foundation. This will make the eye shadow last much longer and keep the color very vibrant. Tap the eye shadow of your choice onto the eyelid, up to the crease.

Smokey Eye
Step 2:

With a soft blending brush, begin creating the Smokey effect by blending the eye shadow up & out, leaving a soft edge. The Smokey eye is all about well blended edges, so take your time with this step.

Smokey Eye
Step 3:

Pick a neutral color (we used a matte brown bronzer) and blend it onto the edge of the first eye shadow (creating a gradient). Tap a pearl/cream eye shadow onto the brow bone to define the brow.

Smokey Eye
Step 4:

Line your bottom waterline with a soft black pencil, making sure to color well between the bottom eyelashes.

Smokey Eye
Step 5:

Using the neutral shade again, blend the black pencil well, spreading the color outwards to create a generous Smokey effect on the bottom lash line.

Smokey Eye
Step 6:
Finish with 2-3 coats of lengthening, thickening mascara.