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​So we get asked a lot about what ​Crate Finds is. Is it a cheap mailer trying to nickel and dime profit? Is it a low-end wannabe Birch Box? What is it?

To those questions we reply, it's a community.

The mailer is simply a conversational piece for all of us to share and help break the ice to find new friends and supporters. Our mailer allows us to donate free makeup bags to women cancer centers, women shelters and more!

Is the mailer cheap? Sure, and thank God. That allows it to be accessible to way more people. People who don't have $100 a month to spend on multiple sub boxes. It's cheap so we can all come together and talk about our individual true beauty and in the future, this cheap mailer will be even cheaper and allow more people to afford it.

On top of our mailer, our all vegan makeup line EXCEEDS expectations for quality and color!

Our 100% vegan lipstick, eyeshadow, and eyeliner OUTPERFORMS the leading competitors. All of our single products are affordable starting at $5.

Most items are long lasting, smudge proof, and transfer proof.

Our goal is not to make money and I know that maybe be shocking to some. If we wanted to make a buttload of money we'd make a high-end mailer, stuff it with the same old jazz, drop some phat loads of cash and shove it down everyone's throats via paid celeb posts and paid endorsement ads.

The goal here is to create a space where all forms of beauty can collide and find ways to support and raise up each other and at the same time raising money for local charities. To prove this, even more, we have changed how our free mailers work. Instead of being free and just pay shipping and handling, we will donate the free mailers to cancer centers and women shelters each month instead.

So really, Crate Finds is what our community makes it and so far it's pretty damn amazing and beautiful, just like every single one of you that supports this journey.

With love, Karla

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